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Your ISMS, Supercharged — AI Insights from your Data, Effortlessly

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Optimise Your ISMS : Streamlined Compliance, Insightful Risk Management, and Organised Control Ownership with our SaaS Product -  ISO Nerd.

  • Bring Your Own Data to AI:Unleash the potential of a smarter way to do compliance with our ground-breaking feature. Customers can now upload their own data directly into their dedicated instance. Harness the power of AI to interactively query and analyze your data, gaining custom insights and on-demand information.

  • Threat Intel Feed: Built in Threat Intel Feed which updates in real-time and integrates with your Asset Register.

  • Empower Your Team: Equip your subject matter experts with in-depth ISO 27001:2022 compliance knowledge.

  • Compliance Made Easy:  Generate  Policy and Procedure Templates for ISO 27001:2022 compliance on demand.

  • Enhance Control Ownership: Effectively assign control owners and associate relevant policies and procedures.

  • Improve Control Effectiveness: Gain insights into scoring and improving the effectiveness of Annex A Controls. Create a cycle of continuous improvement.

  • In-Depth Reporting: Get a high-level overview of ISMS graphs and reports for better understanding and decision-making. Identify areas of weakness allowing you to priortise your resources & investments appropriately.  

  • Streamlined Audit Process: By centralizing your policies and procedures, our system simplifies audit preparation and execution, facilitating smoother and more effective audits.

  • Robust Risk Management: leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities to assist with, and enhance the efficiency of, your risk assessment process, providing valuable insights and suggestions.

  • Unified ISMS Operations: Break down the silos within your ISMS team by consolidating all information and processes in one system, standardise risk management across departments. No longer do your subject matter experts need to scramble before an audit. With our platform, all necessary information is neatly organized, structured, and easily accessible, promoting efficient collaboration and proactive readiness for any audit scenario.

ISO 27001:2013 Certified? 

Be Prepared for ISO 27001:2022.                          

Risk Assessment Tool

Our Risk Assessment Tool is an AI-enhanced platform designed to streamline and simplify your risk management process. This innovative tool replaces traditional spreadsheet methods with an intuitive interface that enables swift, informed decision-making. Offering functionalities such as bulk risk upload via CSV, visibility into risk concentrations, and centralization of policies and procedures, it aids in maintaining a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS). The tool also facilitates a smoother audit process and provides practical implementation advice for optimizing controls and processes. By providing a comprehensive view of your risk landscape and empowering your team with actionable insights, our Risk Assessment Tool is the perfect companion for your ongoing journey of security compliance.

Risk, Corrective Actions & Asset Register

Our Risk and Asset Register is a comprehensive solution designed to consolidate and manage all your risk and asset information effectively. Integrate /sync your Azure Resources seamlessly with our Asset Register This robust tool allows you to identify, categorize, and track risks associated with different assets, facilitating a thorough and efficient risk management process. The register provides a centralized platform for detailed asset information, highlighting their associated risks and mitigation strategies.  It will ensure that critical data is readily accessible when you need it. By offering a clear view of your risk landscape and the interplay with your assets, our Risk and Asset Register enhances your ability to make informed decisions, streamline audits, and maintain a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS). In addition to this our corrective actions register allows you to record None Conformities formally with RCAs and reviewed by your internal audit team. 

Data-Driven ISMS Reports & Risk Graphs

Our ISMS Reports & Risk  Graphs  offers an advanced analytics solution, designed to visualize and interpret your risk and ISMS data effectively. This powerful tool transforms complex data into easy-to-understand reports and graphs, providing insights at a glance into your risk concentrations and ISMS performance. Whether you're looking for high-level overviews or detailed drill-downs, our tool delivers with precision and clarity. By translating raw data into meaningful information, it empowers you to make informed decisions, track progress, and showcase results. The ability to generate comprehensive reports and visually appealing graphs also aids in preparing for audits and communicating with stakeholders. Equip your organization with our ISMS / Risk Reports and Graphs tool for an enhanced understanding and management of your information security landscape.

Assign Control Owners & Rate Control Effectiveness 

The platform is  designed to assign control owners to every Annex A control in your ISMS. Offering a centralized platform, this functionality facilitates the alignment of each control with its associated policy and procedure, streamlining the control audit process. But the benefits don't stop there. With built-in functionality for oversight functions, the tool enables the rating of each control's effectiveness, providing valuable insight into the state of your ISMS. This holistic approach not only strengthens accountability but also aids in maintaining a robust and compliant information security environment. By fostering clear communication of roles and expectations, our Control Owner tool supports your team in achieving and maintaining ISO 27001 standards, all while boosting efficiency and transparency in your control management process.

Optimise Your Information Security Management System Today

Embrace ISO Nerd, your committed ally in the timely and seamless transition to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification or re-certification. In the evolved landscape of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), we recognize that the retiring ISO 27001:2013 standard necessitates businesses to prepare and pivot effectively to the new standard. Our SaaS platform is precision-engineered to prepare your enterprise for this transition and beyond, ensuring certification retention is a breeze. 

Bid farewell to the era of spreadsheets for risk management. The complexities and threats of the digital age require a more sophisticated, nimble approach. With ISO Nerd, your organization graduates to a smarter, more robust method of managing your ISMS journey, leaving the limitations of conventional spreadsheet tools behind.

ISO Nerd's  offers capabilities, trained on extensive datasets  related to ISO 27001 compliance which we now offer 'Bring Your Own Data'. Not only does this feature provide invaluable insights when you need them, but it also significantly trims consultancy costs and saves substantial time, reflecting our commitment to affordable, effective solutions.

We champion a proactive, data-driven approach to ISMS. Our platform not only enables your  Internal Audit teams to rate each control which supports the new clause but also intelligently spotlights areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement. In doing so, it delivers a control effectiveness rating that provides a comprehensive view of your security framework. This encourages the optimisation of controls among Subject Matter Experts and creates a healthy cycle of continuous improvement.


Furthermore, our integrated risk register connects risks with respective assets and controls, providing a panoramic view of your organization's risk profile. This intelligent database, built to handle intricate one-to-many relationships, empowers you to understand and address the contributing risk factors effectively.


Prepare to unravel your Information Security Management data like never before. Generate detailed reports, risk heat maps, and scatter graphs to provide you with insightful and actionable data regarding your ISMS. With the ISO Nerd platform, you're not just managing risks; you're mastering them. Welcome to the future of ISMS excellence.

Streamline Your Internal & External Audit Experience

ISO Nerd's comprehensive suite of tools is engineered to considerably streamline and enhance your internal and external audit processes alike. By consolidating risk and asset data, centralizing policies and procedures, and visualizing control effectiveness, our platform simplifies audit preparation and execution, providing clear visibility into your ISMS and risk management efforts. Additionally, it offers significant benefits for internal audit, including features that allow for the preservation of historical audit information and the capability to rate controls for comprehensive performance tracking.

Easy access to required information is guaranteed, demonstrating compliance efficiently and effectively. Not only does this decrease the time and resources spent on audits, but it also improves the quality of your audit outcomes. Moreover, the provision of historic audit data offers valuable insights and trends, facilitating better decision-making and long-term ISMS improvement.

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