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How ISO Nerd Can Support Your ISO 27001 Journey 

​Risk Assessment Tool
Risk Assessment Assistant -  (Supports Clause 6.1: Actions to Address Risks and Opportunities): Our tool employs advanced AI capabilities to provide guidance on risk scores and mitigation strategies. This intelligent feature aids subject matter experts in identifying and assessing risks, offering valuable insights without replacing critical thinking. This enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of your risk assessment process, helping you make informed decisions about risk treatment.

Streamlined Risk Management (Supports Clause 8.2: Information Security Risk Assessment): By replacing manual and often chaotic spreadsheet methods, our tool streamlines the entire risk assessment process. This user-friendly and standardised approach to risk management ensures consistency and efficiency, ultimately saving you significant time and resources.

Visibility into Risk Concentrations (Supports Clause 8.3: Information Security Risk Treatment, Clause 9.1: Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation): With our tool, you gain clear visibility into your risk concentrations, allowing for better prioritisation and management of risks. The tool's ability to vividly represent and analyse risk data provides you with a comprehensive view of your organisation's risk profile, ensuring you're well-equipped to plan and implement effective risk treatment measures.

Boosts Productivity and Efficiency (Supports 10.1 Continual Improvement, 10.2 Non Conformity and Corrective Action): Our risk assessment tool is designed to enhance your organisation's efficiency and ensure compliance with ISO 27001:2022 standards. The platform’s ability to provide relevant, AI-generated insights in a streamlined,  empowers your team to act confidently and in line with best practices, while also continually improving your ISMS.

Control Owners Assignments & Rate Control Effectiveness 

Ease of Control Management (Supports Clause 5.1: Leadership and Commitment): The platform can make it easier to manage all controls in Annex A of ISO 27001 by assigning a control owner to each one. This ensures accountability and ownership, with each control owner having clear responsibility for implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, and improving the specific control.

Policy and Procedure Alignment (Supports Clause 5.2: Policy, Clause 5.3: Organizational Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities, Clause 7.1: Resources, Clause 7.2: Competence, Clause 7.5: Documented Information) - Associating policies and procedures with each control can help to ensure that the controls are effectively implemented and maintained. The standard requires that information security policies and procedures be aligned with information security objectives and the strategic direction of the organization.

Effective Communication (Supports Clause 7.3: Awareness, Clause 7.4: Communication): The platform can help with communicating relevant information about the ISMS to interested parties. Each control, policy, and procedure can be easily accessed and communicated to the appropriate individuals, helping to ensure everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Ease of Internal Audit and Management Review (Supports Clause 9.2: Internal Audit): Having everything organized and in one place can make the internal audit process and management review much smoother. Auditors can quickly see who is responsible for each control and what policies/procedures are associated with it, making it easier to evaluate the effectiveness of the ISMS.

Internal Audit 

Corrective Action Register
Robust Monitoring and Measurement (Supports Clause 9.1: Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, Evaluation): ISO Nerd's unique feature of control effectiveness rating provides a structured approach towards monitoring and measuring your ISMS, allowing for constant analysis and evaluation. This enhances the responsiveness and adaptability of your ISMS.

Efficient Internal Audit (Supports Clause 9.2: Internal Audit): ISO Nerd simplifies the internal audit process with its audit log feature, effectively preserving historic audit information. With a centralized platform to document and track audit activities and outcomes, the platform aids auditors in efficiently evaluating the ISMS and in maintaining a comprehensive audit trail. This makes ISO Nerd a valuable tool for your internal audit function.

Comprehensive Management Review (Supports Clause 9.3: Management Reviews): With the provision of both detailed and summary reports, our platform facilitates comprehensive management reviews. The easy access to these insights empowers decision-makers to evaluate the overall performance of the ISMS and take strategic actions.

Continual Improvement (Supports Clause 10.1: Continual Improvement): With ISO Nerd, your journey towards continual improvement becomes seamless. By identifying areas of weaknesses and opportunities for enhancement, our platform propels you towards not just maintaining, but progressively enhancing the effectiveness of your ISMS.

Prompt Non-conformity Management (Supports Clause 10.2: Non-Conformity and Corrective Action): ISO Nerd enables prompt identification and management of non-conformities. Control owners can initiate corrective actions and record their measures, ensuring a swift resolution process and preventing recurrence.

Threat Intel Feed 

Key Benefits 

Supplement Threat Intel Control  (Supports New Annex A Control '5.7 Threat Intelligence'): The platform comes integrated out of the box with a Threat Intel Feed which sends daily feeds of prominent Cyber Security blogs such as The Hackers News, The Register, CISA and Bleeping Computer. Want to add your sources own? Sure, no problem we got you!

Integrates with ISO Nerd's Asset Register (Supports '5.9 Inventory of information and other associated assets'): Tagging Key Words on your assets help highlight relevant Threat Intel which is actionable.


As stated in the Annex A control objective:

''Threat intelligence should be: a) relevant (i.e. related to the protection of the organization);' (Match Associated Assets and Risks with ISO Nerd. What's more, ISO Nerd can seamlessly sync your Azure Resources so your virtual assets are accounted for and complying with the new standard.

'b) insightful (i.e. providing the organization with an accurate and detailed understanding of the threat landscape);'

Get a boiled down summary of vulnerabilities with our built-in CVE lookup function

c) contextual, to provide situational awareness (i.e. adding context to the information based on the time of events, where they occur, previous experiences, and prevalence in similar organizations); d) actionable (i.e. the organization can act on information quickly and effectively).''

Integrates with prominent Cyber Security blogs or BYOF (Bring Your Own Feed) so that it is tailored to your organisations needs.

Learn more about the key benefits and how it can support clauses and Annex Controls.

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