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Your ISMS, Supercharged — AI Insights from Your Data, Effortlessly

Out of The Box Integrations



 If you do not Support Azure AD SSO In our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security, we have integrated the 'HaveIBeenPwned' feature into our platform. This advanced feature cross-checks and prevents users from setting passwords that have been identified in over 600 million instances of data breaches.

Our out of the box password policy is modelled on NIST 800-63b framework however can be customised as per your requirements.

Azure OpenAI

Powered by Azure Open AI our AI consultant, trained on a wealth of data  relating to ISO 27001, Risk Management and Technology that spans the breadth and depth of the internet. It's a sophisticated artificial intelligence that learns from millions of text. 

This technology is not yet available to the public which puts ISO Nerd in a unique position to offer novel services such as retaining your data completely within your dedicated instance!

Microsoft Entra

SSO & Azure Resources 

In our pursuit of providing an efficient and secure user experience, we've integrated Azure AD  SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) into our platform. This integration enables seamless and secure access to our system using your existing Azure AD credentials, eliminating the need for additional passwords and reducing the risk of security breaches.

Integrate your virtual assets in Azure with our Asset Register within minutes!

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