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5.35 Independent review of information security

Updated: Apr 14

Ensuring a robust information security posture requires a holistic, constantly evolving approach that encompasses people, processes, and technology. To gauge the effectiveness of your security measures, regular independent reviews are imperative. These evaluations assess your organization's suitability, adequacy, and efficacy in managing information security. This review should be carried out by individuals who are not part of the domain under review, such as internal auditors or independent managers.

How ISO Nerd Helps

Our feature-rich Corrective Actions Register aligns seamlessly with the ISO standard's guidelines. It enables users to:

  • Submit Corrective Actions: Easily log corrective actions that need to be taken post-assessment.

  • Document Root Cause Analysis (RCA): Understand the underlying causes of security incidents or non-compliances to prevent future occurrences.

  • Set a Corrective Action Plan: Outline detailed steps to mitigate the risks and delegate them to relevant team members.

  • Assign a Reviewer: Choose an oversight function to validate the implemented corrective measures.

Why Choose ISO Nerd

  • Aligned with Standards: ISO Nerd's Corrective Actions Register has been designed to be in compliance with ISO 27001 guidelines, aiding in your certification journey.

  • Efficient Review Process: Our platform allows oversight functions to review evidence and complete the review within the system, thus providing an all-in-one solution for your corrective action needs..

  • Record Non-Conformities: As soon as an auditor identifies a non-conformity, be it minor or major, you can immediately record it in the system. This sets the corrective action process into motion.

  • End-to-End Audit Trail: Accountability and traceability are critical when dealing with non-conformities. Our system maintains a detailed audit trail from the moment a non-conformity is recorded, through the corrective action plan, and finally to its resolution. This historical data is invaluable for future audits and provides an extra layer of accountability.

Why it's Essential

  1. Instant Action: The sooner a non-conformity is recorded and addressed, the lesser the risk. Our platform allows for immediate action, reducing the time between identification and correction.

  2. Auditor-Friendly: An end-to-end audit trail not only aids in internal management but also serves as a comprehensive rec

ord for external auditors, showcasing your company's commitment to a robust corrective action process.

  1. Efficiency and Compliance: By automating the removal of corrected non-conformities and maintaining a complete audit trail, ISO Nerd adds a layer of efficiency to your compliance efforts.

By integrating ISO Nerd into your security framework, you are not just adopting a tool but a comprehensive solution that simplifies compliance and drives effective risk management.

Interested in a tool that tackles non-conformities head-on? Get a free trial today!


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