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Bring Your Own Data to AI

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of business, staying on top of company policies and procedures is a constant challenge. Employees often struggle with finding the right information quickly, especially when dealing with complex compliance matters. This challenge becomes even more pronounced for new recruits or employees who need quick access to specific information. ISO Nerd has always been at the forefront of innovative solutions, and we're thrilled to introduce our latest feature that tackles these issues head-on: the integration of an exclusive Azure Open AI service within our platform.

Transforming Policy Access with Advanced AI

The Challenge: Time-Consuming Policy Searches Traditionally, finding specific policy details involves sifting through extensive documents, a process that is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. This method can lead to significant delays, especially when timely compliance decisions are critical.

The Solution: AI-Powered Policy Querying ISO Nerd’s integration with Azure Open AI revolutionizes how your workforce interacts with company policies and procedures. Imagine querying your company's policy database as easily as asking a question to a smart assistant. Need to know the owner of a specific policy? Or when a policy is due for review? Our AI engine provides precise, context-aware answers instantly.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Instantly Query large custom data sets: Quickly find information on any policy , procedure or other content within your organization.

  2. Contextual Policy Information: Whether it’s understanding work-from-home approvals or specific IT protocols like firewall rules, the AI engine pinpoints relevant clauses, saving you from manual policy searches.

  3. Customizable Knowledge Base: You control what the AI learns. Upload policies, procedures, and other company materials in bulk (supports .doc, txt and pdf) and the AI will be ready with comprehensive knowledge in minutes.

  4. Data Protection at its Core: We prioritize your data’s security. Your information remains isolated within a dedicated environment, with the option to select data residency as per your organizational requirements.

Empower Your Team with AI-Enhanced Accuracy

Informed Decisions: With immediate access to accurate policy information, your team can make informed decisions swiftly, enhancing both compliance and operational efficiency.

New Recruit & Employee Support: This feature acts as a knowledge hub, significantly reducing the learning curve for new employees and providing a reliable resource for all staff.

Data-Driven Compliance: Our commitment to data protection ensures that your sensitive information is handled with the utmost care, maintaining the integrity of your compliance processes.

Data Privacy

  • Your data is are NOT available to other customers.

  • Your data is NOT available to OpenAI.

  • Your data is NOT used to improve OpenAI models.

  • Your data is NOT used to improve any Microsoft or 3rd party products or services.

  • Your data Is fully retained on your dedicated instance in full isolation from other customer's data.

  • Your data resides where you choose to satisfy your data residency requirements (60+ locations to choose from).


The integration of Azure Open AI with ISO Nerd is more than just an added feature; it's a step into a smarter compliance era. By bridging the gap between complex policy databases and user-friendly accessibility, we are reshaping how organizations approach policy management and compliance. Experience this ground-breaking feature with our 14-day complimentary trial and elevate your compliance strategy today. Welcome to a future where smarter compliance is not just a vision, but a reality with ISO Nerd.


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